Experiencing hair loss with you in mind:

Overcoming the effects of Medical Hair Loss.

Being ready for hair loss can reduce stress and that’s an important component of maintaining well being.

The benefit of medical treatments that restore your health often come with the unwanted side effect of hair loss. Avoiding the visual effects of your hair loss can go a long way toward making you feel better about yourself in this particularly trying time.

You’re going through enough without having to be concerned about your appearance and the attention it focuses on your medical condition. Which is why it’s best to consult with one of our hair professionals who can guide you through the process and help make it easier.

Our compassionate and experienced staff is uniquely trained to help you select the hair length and style that will optimize your appearance and work with your lifestyle.  They specialize in the artful design of innovation solutions that offer the ultimate in flexibility and natural appearance.  We’ve helped hundreds of women just like yourself and stand read to do the same for you.

Look and Feel Your Best

Getting fitted for your new hair early and working with an experienced professional helps you maintain your self-image throughout your treatments.  Our years of experience with medical hair loss clients have provided us with the knowledge and resources necessary to assist you in making natural and graceful choices.

We listen to your lifestyle requirements and choices, as well as your expectations.  Our hair professional can then help you choose your new Syntress hair that matches the color, style, and hair growth patterns of your natural hair.

Rather than a dramatic departure in appearance, our hair professional will help you achieve a seamless transition that’s perfectly suited to your current look.  Consider your new Syntress hair as the continuance of your current hairstyle and appearance.

Syntress style – make it your own

What is your style?  Short and sassy? Professional and functional? Glamorous and luxurious?  Whatever it may be, and however you see yourself, Syntress can help you achieve and maintain the outward persona that makes you feel comfortable with being you.

We offer you the most stylish, comfortable, breathable, and affordable hair solutions imaginable.  To this end, we’re happy to answer all your questions by arranging a consultation with one of our specialists.

Also don’t forget to ask us about insurance coverage for medically induced hair loss solutions.

We don’t claim to have all of the answers.  But we are proud to offer you a degree of professionalism and expertise that can go a very long way to sustaining you both physically and emotionally in the days ahead. So please, give us a call.  And let us discover together how we can help you.

Introducing Syntress-A world beyond wigs.

Standard machine-made wigs have some decided disadvantages.  For example, you might not want to settle for machine-stitched rows of nylon that can irritate your scalp and cause discomfort.  Such construction can also present problems with fit and security.

Syntress is different.  It’s a selection of hair designs that are hand crafted and exquisitely detailed to assure you of the utmost in comfort and natural appearance.  Only the softest, most light weight base materials are used to ensure an “it’s not there” feel, freeing you from the constant reminder that you’re “wearing something”.

Moreover, Syntress fibers bear an amazing resemblance to natural hair in appearance; their color, curl and “live bounce and feel” actually posses more human hair properties than non’growing human hair  ever could.  Plus, there are none of the difficulties in styling and manageability that are frequently common to human hair.  With Syntress, it;s all about style and comfort with a minimum of time and fuss.


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